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        Performance analysis of diaphragm coupling

        Release time:2016-08-24
        Most of the power machinery must be reliable to solve the effective transmission of power. In the actual operation, the prime mover and the gear box,
        Between the prime mover and the working machine, often due to site conditions the axis shift so that the drive shaft parts together into a very critical issue, in high power and high speed unit and prime mover mounted damper unit, power shafting flexible connection technology is particularly prominent, eager to axis in the angle of deflection, axial and radial displacement has good compensation. At the same time, the power transmission requires more flexible coupling also has superior dynamic performance, to ensure that the whole drive system has a high reliability and effective energy saving effect.
        Diaphragm type coupling, also known as (MLG) steel flexible coupling is a widely used in the future, a new type of gear coupling, the transmission of rubber coupling. Connecting a shaft coupling transmission shafts, due to manufacturing and installation error, bearing deformation, thermal expansion contraction, extension and pedestal sink and other reasons, the axis will produce certain axial, angular, radial migration. It will cause additional load on the shaft, bearing and coupling, so that the working conditions of the unit is deteriorating. Even there will be damage to the unit phenomenon.
        The steel plate coupling is used to compensate the axial, angular and radial relative displacement between the axial and radial direction, and to improve the working condition.
        MLG coupling static characteristics of stress, fatigue, stiffness characteristics, it also focuses on dynamic characteristics of the coupling in the working process, such as damping, damping isolation, high-speed stationary and dynamic transfer efficiency (energy) and other characteristics.
        Structure and working principle of steel plate coupling
        The structure of MLG steel plate flexible coupling is mainly composed of stainless steel sheet metal (steel plate), half coupling, middle sleeve, pressing element, bolt, anti loosening nut, limit washer and so on. High strength, torsion to the steel is good, the ability of compensation and deviation is stronger, the recovery is low, and can withstand the high temperature of 280 degrees celsius. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the diaphragm coupling according to the performance of customer equipment to make recommendations!
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