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        Belt and belt wheel structure

        Release time:2016-04-02
        1 Structure
        Top adhesive, tensile body, bottom adhesive and wrapping cloth
        2 section model: Y, Z, A, B, C, D, E,
        3 basic parameters:
        Pitch width BP, base width BD, reference diameter DD, reference length Ld (referring to the value of the DD calculation with round reference diameter) and so on.
        4 mark:
        By section code and the length of the reference length,
        Such as the A V A1600 band,
        The reference length is 1600mm.
        Standard for the structure and size of 8.2.1 ordinary V bands
        Material and structure of 8.2.2 ordinary V belt wheel
        1 materials
        Iron: V 300
        V belt wheel structure diagram
        (a) solid structure; (b) web type; (c) hole plate type; (d) wheel pair
        Comparison between flat belt and V belt
        Phi sigma B2
        The stress generated by the cross section consists of three parts:
        1 tensile stress generated by tensile stress
        2 tensile stress produced by centrifugal force
        3 bending stress produced by bending
        Stress distribution of belt
        Max= 1+ b1+ sigma sigma sigma sigma C
        From the figure, with the maximum stress into the small pulley in belt tight side
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