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        Synchronous belt installation matters needing attention

        Release time:2015-10-31
        (1) turn off the power, remove the protective cover, unscrew the bolts of the motor assembly. Mobile motor synchronizing with enough slack, do not need to open can take synchronous belt, do not put the synchronous belt broken down.
        (2) take off the old synchronous belt, check whether there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean that there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the drive.
        (3) select the appropriate timing belt replacement.
        (4) clean synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel, the liquid wiping cloth stained with a little less volatile, soaked in detergent or detergent scrub belt is undesirable. To remove oil and dirt, sand or scraping with a sharp object, obviously is not desirable. Synchronous belt must be kept dry before installation.
        (5) check whether the synchronous belt wheel has abnormal wear or crack, if excessive wear, it is necessary to replace the belt wheel.
        (6) check whether the wheel is linear and symmetrical. Synchronous belt wheel is the key to the operation of linear symmetrical transmission belt, especially the synchronous belt drive.
        (7) check the rest of the transmission parts, such as symmetric bearings and bushings, durability and lubrication etc..
        (8) in the synchronous belt wheel on the installation of a new synchronous belt, never to pry or too much force.
        (9) the center distance of the transmission device, until the tension measuring instrument to measure the timing belt tension is appropriate. Turn the coil drive wheel with the hand, and re test the tension.
        (10) screw down the motor and correct the torque. Due to any change in the center distance of the drive during operation, the performance of the synchronous belt is poor, so it is necessary to make sure that all the components of the transmission device are tightened.
        (11) the starting device and observe the performance of synchronous belt, to see whether there is abnormal vibration, listen to whether there is abnormal noise, it is best to turn off the machine, check the bearing and motor status; if it feels too hot, may be too tight or synchronous belt, bearing asymmetry, or incorrect lubrication.
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